MAYFAIR "Schlage Mein Herz, Schlage..." - Cover, Tracklist, release date: 8th November 2013

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02.10.2013Release News

The release date of the MAYFAIR album "Schlage Mein Herz, Schlage..." is November 8th, 2013. The preorder phase will start on October 25th, in our webshop.

MAYFAIR: new release after 15 years
After almost 15 years of silence the guys of MAYFAIR finished their new album “Schlage mein Herz, schlage…”! The vanguard band from Austria, which wrote Metal underground history with their 1993 album “Behind”, were fascinating bright stars on the music heaven in the 1990s, but unfortunately only for a short time.
But their history continues: founding members Mario (vocals) and Rene (guitars) have got together with Johannes and Jolly (bass and drums) and will release their new album “Schlage mein Herz, schlage…” with Pure Prog Records on 8th November 2013.

Apparent opposites united
With familiar melody lines à la MAYFAIR the new album can be seen as a missing link between “Die Flucht” and their latest album “Fastest Trip to Cyber-Town”: raw and wild, but also calm and composed.
Vocalist Mario almost abuses the language mercilessly to grip listeners with songs like „Schlage mein Herz schlage“ or “Du allein”, while “Abendp_rno” just is outspokenly raw. But also the songs with English lyrics like “Firestorm”, ”wwwrong”, “Tric Trac” or “Bitter or Sweet” can give you real sentimental shocks.

Musical range of the album is very wide
The partly psychedelic guitars of Rene are almost painting pictures on the rhythmic canvas of Jolly and Johannes. With songs like “Drei Jahre zurück” or the beautiful ”Island” MAYFAIR show once again what “progressive” can mean and the band finishes the album with the aptly titled song “Der Abschied”. Created with an early FLOYD-feeling, especially those seconds are savoured when no sounds are played. This is an art today that not many bands can master.

1. Schlage Mein Herz, Schlage
2. Firestorm
3. Wwwrong
4. Drei Jahre Zurück
5. Abendp_rno
6. Island
7. Du Allein
8. Tric Trac
9. Bitter Or Sweet
10. Der Abschied
Total Playing Time: 40:37min

vocals - Mario
guitar - Rene
bass - Hannes
drums - Jolly