ADRAMELCH "Lights From Oblivion" - vinyl edition released - today!

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20.07.2012Release News

The limited vinyl edition (100 brown, 425 black, gatefold) of ADRAMELCH´s new masterpiece "Lights From Oblivion" was released today officially!!!!


Side A
1. Lights
2. Aelegia
3. Islands Of Madness
4. Truth Lies...

Side B
5. Wonderful Magician
6. Beyond A Lifetime
7. Tides Of My Soul
8. Chiaroscuro

Side C
9. King (Of The Reign Of Tomorrow)
10. Pain After Pain
11. We March, We Fail
12. Oblivion

Side D
13. Aelegia (Pre-Production)
14. Islands of Madness (Pre-Production)
15. Pain after Pain (Pre-Production)
16. King (Of The Reign Of Tomorrow) (Pre-Production)